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How do I upload the existing subtitle files to the transcription task?
To upload subtitle files, first enter the Project Manager edit page, then click File in the top right corner, and choose Import Subtitle File.
Why can’t I access the video after copying the link? How do I fix it?
Videos are copyrighted and are protected by the website, so downloads are not supported. If the inability to download is not due to copyright issues, the video can be sent to the backend of the website for analysis by means of the "Contact Us" portal.
Could a transcription task be handled by multiple transcribers at the same time?
WeTranscriber doesn’t restrict the number of transcribers for tasks. Your tasks can be assigned to as many as transcribers as you request.
How should a Project Manager reasonably establish subtitle parameters?
For details, see the Subtitle Setting Guidance portal on the website.
What are the standards for a Project Manager to perform resource payment?
Enter the Project Manager edit page and refer to each transcriber’s completed workload and duration by clicking the Reports button.
What file formats can I upload?
MP4, AVI, MP3,wma
What are the maximum video size and length?
Files are limited to 500MB and 1 hour in length.
What does each subtitle status icon signify on the subtitle edit area?
0=uncompleted; W=in edit; C=completed; and R=proofread.
What are the exported formats of Speaker on the subtitle edit area?
At present, the Speaker parameter only supports TRS and Word formats.
Additional Info for Keyboard Shortcuts
To move to the next line of subtitles, press Shift+Enter
To scroll through the timeline, use Shift and the mouse scroll wheel
Is it necessary to check Cloud Speech-to-Text before clicking Start Transcribe?
Not, it isn’t. WeTranscriber now provides free automatic Speech-to-Text services. However, this service is only available in languages shown above. It you are looking for languages other than those listed, the transcription results retrieved will not be satisfactory even if said language is chosen.
I have watched the tutorials, but I still have no clue as to where to download the subtitle files after they’re done.
You should try zooming out of the web page on your browser. Generally, the keyboard shortcut is Shift + the mouse scroll-wheel by default. Please finish the setup according to your browser.